Books or Film – which do you prefer?

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Pride and Prejudice – one of the most famous and revered books in history. The subject of numerous television and film adaptations, there can be few readers that have evaded its charms.

As someone who has read the book but also viewed at least three different versions of the story on the screen, I feel I know the story inside and out, yet with each adaptation a new director brings a completely different interpretation of the story.

I enjoy the scope for imagination when reading a book, whether in my hand or electronically; your mind has the freedom to conjure up how things seem. That said, I also enjoy seeing things laid out for me, as they would in any offering on the screen, and whether my version echoes the director’s.

BookXtra brings together the imagined and the projected versions of popular stories, to save you the time of tracking them down yourself. Movie trailers entice you to go see the film and, in the case of brand-new titles, any extra information affords a better insight into the story or author.

Take, for example, the recent film, Water for Elephants, which originated from a book; at BookXtra all the information is in one place, so you can make any comparisons or choice between the two formats easily, as well as learn more about the author, book and even the timeline of circuses in the early 20th century.

If it can be ‘digitalised’ into a computer file, it can be uploaded to BookXtra – therefore authors can upload maps, notes, diagrams, images, video, audio transcripts, and much more. Authors can amass reams of information when writing a book but expensive printing costs usually means most of the supplementary or supporting detail gets cut from the book. BookXtra is the solution to this problem.

Technology exists to make our lives better or easier, or both. At BookXtra it gives another dimension or facet to the ebook. Read, imagine, see, hear, comment….the choice is yours!

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