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The show’s on the road!

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Tweet BookXtra is a brand-new concept and, although we had big expectations for our first few weeks, we’ve been staggered at the huge level of interest we’ve had. Why? And who? – Publishers are seeing it as a wonderful way … Continue reading

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Are you nervous?

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Tweet Good things can make people nervous. Is that really a £5 note stuck to the floor….? Take BookXtra for example. Whilst we’ve had a fantastic uptake from authors, publishers, book groups and the general public in the first couple … Continue reading


Be seen!!

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Tweet The presence of a brand is to be seen and recognised. Birds Eye have their beardy captain and McDonalds have a strange clown associated with their wares. Because most companies or organisations want to visually capture the attention of … Continue reading


Blyton Rocks!

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Tweet I may be showing my age here, but I grew up with Blyton. Not literally, but with her books. I loved the Mallory Towers series, I wanted to actually BE one of the Famous Five and her Magic Faraway … Continue reading