Are you nervous?

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Good things can make people nervous. Is that really a £5 note stuck to the floor….?

Take BookXtra for example. Whilst we’ve had a fantastic uptake from authors, publishers, book groups and the general public in the first couple of weeks from launch, we know some people don’t trust change, or that they may find it hard to believe that something can truly be FREE. Well, hold on to your hats…..BookXtra actually is.

It’s free to any author wishing to upload their book. It’s free to those same authors who want to share related files with their readers, such as images, videos, notes and articles.
It’s free to any publisher wanting to include their clients’ titles and it’s also free for their company logo to appear on the site for increased exposure, alongside their authors’ books.
It’s free for any book group wishing to either comment on and contribute to books on the site, and it’s free for their members to include their work.
It’s also free for any visitor, reader, contributor or viewer.

So where’s the catch?

There isn’t one! Perhaps, if you knew how the business model worked, you’d feel better about trusting that you can use this site to your own end for free. Which is fine – we’ll tell you exactly what that is, and it’s hardly ground-breaking.

Advertisers will pay to appear on the site. End of. Just like the biggest online business in the world – Google – the end user gets the service for free; businesses pay to reach the users. Those behind the scenes making it all happen get to see some return on their fantastic idea, the people with books to promote get increased sales and the book-loving readers get to see new titles and also learn more about ones they thought they knew well.

No one gets hurt. Everyone benefits.

Say you don’t have the time to fiddle about uploading work. No problem – we’ll do it for you. We trust we’ve thought of everything to help you benefit from using BookXtra; if we haven’t, then please do tell us and we’ll strive to make that happen too.

This is YOUR site to use as you wish. And if you wish to drive more sales of your book through additional material and digital mediums, all from one platform, you’ve come to the right place. BookXtra.

3 Responses to Are you nervous?

  1. Some genuinely quality content on this site, saved to favorites .

  2. Hey there, I just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say that your blog was enjoyable to read…thanks for the effort

  3. Jutta Lipton says:

    Great points altogether, personally I’m gonna have to bookmark this and come back to it. I’m curious if you have any follow ups to this post?

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