The show’s on the road!

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BookXtra is a brand-new concept and, although we had big expectations for our first few weeks, we’ve been staggered at the huge level of interest we’ve had.

Why? And who?
- Publishers are seeing it as a wonderful way to get new income streams from their back catalogue, or from their titles that need a little more exposure than others. Displaying their company logo beside each book’s details is also a definite plus! Considering they’re receiving all these benefits for free, there’s little wonder BookXtra is popular to users of this kind.

- Authors are extremely pleased to know there’s another platform to further promote their book. If they’re lucky enough to land a traditional publishing deal and therefore gain access to worldwide distribution, all’s well and good (and even then, you can never have too much promotion). For so many authors, however, especially those who have penned print-on-demand or self-published books, finding places and ways to push their work – for free – is hard. BookXtra is filling that need and plugging that gap at an amazing rate.

- Book Groups are also making enquiries, many curious to the ethos behind the site. Book groups are more than welcome, and their members can either comment on books through the forum or upload their own books and info should they wish. Sorry for the repetition, but it’s free for these users to display details of their group and their logo if they have one. “Free exposure….erm, let me think…”

We only show a sample of the books that have been uploaded to our database on the ‘Books’ area of our site, and these change with each visit. This is to save bandwidth and to prevent readers/book buyers being completely swamped with too much choice, and also to give them reason to come back – each time there’ll be something new.

Curiosity has seen a raft of people approach BookXtra, most puzzled to how something so beneficial can be free. It’s simple; we will invite advertisers to place their banners/adverts on the site, and charge them for doing so. They’ll be able to promote their products to their target audience who visit the site in their droves, users get to see enhanced sales and a higher income from greater exposure and the general public will get to see new titles, learn more about classic favourites and find a wealth of extra information to see, hear and watch beside each inidividual works. A win/win and, er, win situation.

BookXtra points readers (and therefore, potential buyers) to where they can buy the books, by way of a link directly underneath the front cover image. Therefore, we don’t need access to any copyrights or anything of that nature because the book itself won’t move from where it’s currently being housed. We don’t need the book’s actual content. The extra information – in the way of videos, images, articles, notes, maps, songs – can be then uploaded to the author’s page to visually enhance, entice and bring pleasure to all who see it.

And the best thing of all – IT’S FREE. Buckets of benefits at no charge. BookXtra is being rolled out on a global level, so the opportunity for anyone with a book, or those who represent those with books, to reach bigger markets, is huge. BookXtra is growing exponentially. Be a part of it’s success!

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  1. Very good tips, you just gained a good solid viewer. I’m eager to know if you have any follow ups for this article?

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