5 reasons why BookXtra transforms books

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Book lovers everywhere are used to the century-old 2D book. It’s only in the last decade that electronic readers have changed this familiar format, and as popularity rises for ebooks, so have the possibilities with today’s technology.

Let us explain. We’re book lovers too. We love libraries, we love flipping through pages of worn, treasured books but instead of dissipating this desire, BookXtra has instead presented us with more options. Technology can never replace sitting with a hard copy book – what it can do is bring you new ways to enjoy stories and non-fiction titles. We want to enhance what’s already out there.

Here are 5 reasons why BookXtra should be one of your bookmarked sites:

1. You can learn more about favourite books without trawling the internet.

Because BookXtra allows authors, publishers and the general public to upload a whole range of additional material, anyone can find classic tales and new titles accompanied by film trailers, vlogs, images, relative articles, audio files…the sky’s the limit. Rather than surfing the net to find this information, it’s on one platform, in one place.

2. You can earn money.

Certainly, if you’re the author or publisher of a book listed on BookXtra, you’ve the chance of more sales. The facility to supply readers of your genre with unlimited extra material and info about your book could be a great draw. The more people read ABOUT the book, the more likely they are to actually BUY the book. The reason every author/publisher should do this is two-fold: we don’t hold your actual content (instead, we point the buyer to where they can purchase your book), and most importantly, IT’S FREE!! So why wouldn’t you list your book on our site?

3. We think as readers think.

We’re not just presenting material from authors or publishers to no end – anyone can add information. Therefore, if you’ve seen an article that pertains to a certain title you know is listed on BookXtra, you can upload it. It’s your site, and it’s free to use. There’s other relevant details on there too – where to find book groups/clubs, integration of social media and titles that may not be widely known elsewhere. A book lover can find plenty to smile about at BookXtra.

4. It’s a great resource.

As Wikipedia holds little known facts on absolutely everything, BookXtra can be a continual resource for literary students all over the world. You may find an absolute gem of information which could make all the difference to your coursework or dissertation.

5. It’s fun.

New titles are being added every day and although we’re at the outset, we are aiming to spread the word and become one of the biggest book sites on the net. More authors are adding their books, more publishers are finding BookXtra a great way of reviving interest in their back catalogues, as well as their bestsellers, and the general public get to see any one story through a variety of mediums; film, television, audio and much more.

We love BookXtra. Not many things in life are free, but using our site is one of them. See for yourself how today’s technology is changing how we view our reading material. Above all, enjoy!

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