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This is not a post about dating, let’s get that straight, but marketing. For authors, and publishers too, having a book to shout about is great, finding the best place to shout from…..not so much.

With the millions of books available out there, getting yours seen by readers and buyers can be a daunting task to the individual author, unless your surname happens to be something like King or Rowling – and finding places where avid readers populate could be a full-time occupation. And not just any readers – YOUR readers. Those who will be hungry for the kind of tale you tell, and who’ll sing your praises to others until the cows come home.

For example, romance writers may find women’s sites very lucrative, considering most ladies yearn for the type of escapism a shining knight in armour may offer. Murder mystery authors may have some luck on fan sites of such as CSI or detective based programmes. Trial and error is as much a part of your strategy as researching your market, and once you get it right, you’ll notice the difference in your sales figures.

BookXtra offers both authors and publishers the chance to include extra material alongside the details of their books, for the added enjoyment of their readers. For example, fiction writers could post author interviews or perhaps sketches and insights into how they view the characters inside their works – or even upload video readings.

However, for ‘how-to’ style books, non-fiction titles and visual books, BookXtra really comes into its own.

2D is so limiting. Trying to show someone, for example, how to paint/dance/sing can be limiting when offering up a storyboard of images…..but, add in a video showing said skill in real-time and readers can really get a feel for the basics. Seeing a demonstration can make all the difference between grasping a physical concept and completely missing the boat.

Therefore, for visual books, tutorial style ‘how-to’ bibles and non-fiction titles, BookXtra is a perfect partner. We don’t need to see the content of your book or hold the rights, so no problem there. Neither is there a charge for using the site.

Yes, that’s right – BookXtra is offering authors and publishers of these types of books (indeed, any book) a marketing platform from which to shout. Considering few other places will show your visual book in the same light, and at no charge, we’re sure you’ll see the benefit of using the BookXtra site.

If you have any reservations on how to upload your work and supplementary information, don’t hesitate to contact one of the site’s administrators (listed on the BookXtra site) who will either support you or offer to carry the upload out on your behalf.

So, come on, partner, BookXtra’s perfect for you.

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