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Here at BookXtra, we don’t just offer entertainment. The articles and supplementary information on classic books that also appear on the site can be used in research by those studying for English language/literature qualifications. And if you’ve any information you could add, then do help your fellow students and upload said material for all to enjoy!

From Pride and Prejudice to recent blockbuster novels such as Slumdog Millionaire – the small sample that are displayed randomly on our site are just a portion of the books we have behind the scenes. Use the search engine facility to see if the book you’re studying appears, and the extra information we hold alongside it.

We’re adding to BookXtra all the time, and not just with well-known books. New authors, those that are breaking into the industry and modern favourites are joining the site every day – so if you need to study the work of an unknown, you can find that here too.

We’ve such a range of extra information on the site – from maps, related articles, authors’ notes, images, diagrams, tutorials, film trailers, full biographies of writers – and so much more. Anyone can upload material, so if you’ve something to further enhance a title displayed on the BookXtra site, do please register and upload it too.

The site is FREE to use – and the more information we have on there, the better a resource it will be for all aspiring authors and those studying in a related field. We’ve details of book groups on the site too; should you want to see what groups gather in your area. The site is for everyone; book lovers, those wanting to promote their books, those looking for little-known details, those looking to comment and review books.

BookXtra uses today’s technology to enhance readers’ enjoyment, offering another level to the humble 2D format. Now the reader can see the places described in a book from images uploaded and articles displayed – or they can get a taste of ‘how to’ do something from a video demonstration, before deciding to buy the title in question. A book becomes so much more on BookXtra, and it doesn’t cost the reader, the author or the publisher anything for using and uploading to the site. Free resources, free marketing and free to browse – BookXtra has it all!

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