If you build it, they will come…

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That’s what they told Kevin Costner in the film, Field of Dreams – and to be fair, they were right. In life outside of the movie theatres, just building something doesn’t automatically mean everyone will come, or that they will hear about what you’ve got to offer. Which is why it may take us a short while to get around to all you good folks.

Those we’ve contacted have been able to see how BookXtra, our FREE site, can be a great platform to attract extra sales of your book, whether you’re an author or publisher, an enlightening place for those looking to learn what new titles and breakthrough authors are available, and also a great resource for those studying English Language and English Literature as well as the members of the public who just love books!

In the early days of any concept or company (even such as Google and Facebook had to start somewhere) it can take a while to reach people’s attention – and that’s the stage we’re at. We’re constantly plugging away (literally); initially, to those who have non-fiction books and visual titles, as the BookXtra site is especially effective for their work, but we will be trying to tell all who could benefit. Our social media ‘pages’ on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, this blog, will also serve as our voice in the meantime.

If we have contacted you, and you’re unsure whether to place your work on the site – perhaps waiting for BookXtra to become a household name – it may take time. Sort of, how-long-is-a-piece-of-string-time. During this ‘rise to fame’ period, you could have placed links to your books and uploaded all supplementary information that your readers would enjoy. No need to upload any of the book’s actual content and you’re welcome to upload as much information as you like (vlogs, blogs, advertisement banners/logos for your author/publisher/book group brand, articles, images – anything. The only investment you’ll make is TIME, because the whole site is FREE to use, browse and schmooze.

Kevin Costner took some convincing, at least those we speak to are a lot more receptive! So….we’ve built it – will you come?

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