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If you’ve a book to sell, whether you’re a publisher or an author, you need to have your book – or even the details of your book – listed in as many places as possible. The more places, the greater the chance the general public will see it, like it and, most importantly, buy it.

Lots of places take a cut for placing your book on their website. They have to market their site after all, so it seems more than fair that they ask for a small percentage of your book’s revenue to compensate for their outlay.

BookXtra is different.

We don’t ask for any money. We don’t charge a fee. In fact, to use BookXtra, it’s FREE now – and it will STAY FREE. We even ask for more of your stuff – more information such as material that was cut form the book, supporting notes, your rough drafts, relevant images, articles and videos – in fact, anything you’d like to include, and again, FREE of charge. We don’t want rights to your book either – the only thing you actually place on BookXtra is the front cover image and links to where the book can be bought.

You can even add the link to your own website, to that of your publisher, and logos, banners or other visual branding. Anything you’d like to include can be included.

The more information you place alongside your title, the more people will be intrigued to the book’s content. Ergo, the more they’ll want to buy it. However, if you don’t have a book to promote and you’re just a lovely book lover, the BookXtra site still gives you more. A book is only part of the story with our site; popular titles exist alongside relevant information, film trailers and reviews.

Take Slumdog Millionaire, for example. A great book. A great film. Access this title on the BookXtra site and you’ll find out about the author, interesting details of the places featured in the book, photos and videos of life in India, and much, much more. Anyone can upload material, so if you find something relating to Slumdog Millionaire, you could upload this too, for the benefit of other book lovers and BookXtra users.

So, for anyone wanting to know about India, and elements covered in Slumdog Millionaire, they wouldn’t need to go trawling the web – the information’s already there. The evolution and expansion of the information on BookXtra could prove a very worthy research tool in the near future, so the more interaction we encourage, the better it is for everyone.

We’ve never thought of the humble book as a flat, 2D object; with BookXtra, each title has many different facets and dimensions. Visual detail and a wealth of knowledge add to the readers’ experience.

So join us. Love books? Love BookXtra.

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