The Best Things in Life are FREE!

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“The best things in life are free” – a popular saying and one that applies to our revolutionary new site – BookXtra.

What aspiring authors tend to underestimate when writing their first tome, are the levels of marketing and promotion they have to be involved with, whether published traditionally or via the DIY route.

Ever since the internet arrived, the amount of places where one could promote a book has risen dramatically; however, pre-digital platforms, an author would have been largely restricted to their local area – the internet means any author, anywhere, can sell to anyone.

More voices straining to be heard. More books waiting to be sold. Until your reader has become hooked by your story, your book is very much like the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Just how do you make your work stand out?

There’s also the subject of cost. The longer your story or non-fiction work is, the more detail you include – the higher the expense of printing. What if you could include the supporting material in a different way – making the book shorter and more cost-effective but still making the segregated material available, at no extra charge, to your reader?

Sound too good to be true?

BookXtra is a unique, new concept. It allows any author or publisher to promote their book on the site, including links back to their own website. It also brings the digital age on board too.

Imagine – images and videos of characters/people mentioned in your book, maps or extra information relating to places detailed within and the opportunity to include personal attributes or thoughts from the author, far more than the obligatory biography usually sported beside the book’s details.

Just as popular books have been turned into films – your readers will get to see what they have only imagined. They’ll be able to explore topics further with supporting notes and articles – this extra dimension enticing them even further to purchase your book.

Another dimension; a revolution for authors and publishers; a unique concept set to change the way books are sold – BookXtra has it all. Interaction with your audience is made easier through our forums and book clubs – in fact, there’s everything you could want to promote your book in this digital age.

And it’s all for free…

Sign up today and start uploading your material!

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